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Disruption, Implications and Choices.

Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030

The Disruption of Transportation and the Collapse
of the Internal-Combustion Vehicle and Oil Industries

"It’s not easy to blow my mind. But earlier this week,
I sat down and read a research report by RethinkX.
I’ve been picking up the pieces of my consciousness
ever since. I’m now convinced that I — and you — will
probably never buy another car again. Ever.”
The Motley Fool, June 2017

"Seba’s work is seminal. It should be taken very seriously by…
corporate executives, politicians and governments, workers
and their unions, and investors"

North American Energy News, May 2017

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Tony Seba – Asian Leadership

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#1 on Amazon's
Best Sellers List
of Oil & Energy

“Tony Seba's Clean Disruption is the best book
I have seen about the future of energy and
transportation. I have given away a hundred
copies of this book to people I like.”

- Alex Lightman, entrepreneur and author,
Brave New Unwired World”

"Clean Disruption is the best book I've read
on solar, electric vehicles and self-driving cars,
and the disruptive power of this technology convergence."

- Nitish Kannan, CEO,
Circle Plus Payments


World-renowned thought leader

Changing the global conversation on the future of Energy, Transportation and Climate

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Meet Tony Seba

Tony Seba is the author of “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation”, “Solar Trillions” and “Winners Take All”, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and an instructor in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program. His work focuses on clean energy, entrepreneurship, market disruption, and the exponential technology trends, business model innovation, and product architecture innovations that are leading to the disruption of some of the world’s major industries, such as energy, transportation, infrastructure, finance, and manufacturing.


Most of Tony Seba’s Speaking Engagements are private. The Events below are a selection of his latest public Keynotes.

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Transparency 18 - The Future of Freight Tech.

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