Tony Seba author of Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation

How to Lose $40 Trillion

IEA: Invest in Conventional Energy The International Energy Agency recently released a report calling for $40 trillion in new investments to meet the world’s energy needs until 2035 [1]. There are three main components in the IEA investment scenario: Oil would get  $13.7 trillion Gas would get $8.8 trillion, and The Power Sector would get […]

Smartphones and the End of Taxis

The century-old taxi industry is on the cusp of disruption. Blame it on the smartphone and a set of exponentially improving technologies like sensors, big data, and the cloud. The disruptors are ‘ridesharing’ companies like Uber and Lyft. The explosive user and revenue growth of these ridesharing companies indicates that they are solving a real […]

The Horse Manure Crisis and the Clean Disruption

At the end of the 19th century cities confronted a massive crisis caused by transportation: congestion, pollution, health, and death. In New York City alone, more than 175,000 horses were dumping four billion pounds of manure each day. When it rained, streets turned into “rivers of muck” while in the summer vacant city lots would […]

My upcoming keynote on the Disruption of Public and Private Transportation

Public and private transportation will undergo a transformation over the next fifteen years that will be larger in scope than it has in a century. The tools of the industrial revolution have run out of steam and will be rapidly replaced by the tools of the information technology revolution. I’m getting ready to give a keynote to the California League of Cities Planning Commissioners on Friday, March 28th. The title of my talk is “The Future of Transportation: Technology Mega-Trends that will soon disrupt Public and Private Transportation”.

Disrupting Energy & Transportation – Why Business Model Innovation Matters

A business model innovation disrupted the auto industry in the early 20th century and a business model innovation is disrupting the energy market in the 21st century. Technology innovation is clearly important. Making the right Strategic Choices (whole product, positioning, product/market fit, etc) is clearly important. But Business Model innovation may be the key that unlocks a new market or disrupts an existing market.

Understanding and Leading Market Disruption – My New Course Coming Fall 2013

How can you anticipate and lead market disruption rather than be surprised when it is too late for your company or industry to react? Each class will explore ways new technologies may enable the creation of new products and business models that either create new markets or disrupt existing industries. For example, robotics and 3D-printing (manufacturing), solar and electricity storage (energy), electric and autono

The Future of Energy in Japan – NEW Solar Trillions in Japanese

the Japanese eBook version of Solar Trillions for FREE. After you read this book please tell all your friends about it. Feel free to email them an electronic copy or point them to where they can download it. Download it from Google Books: or from the Apple iTunes iBookstore soon.