J.P.Morgan TMT Conference in Asia

Keynote at J.P. Morgan Technology Conference Hong Kong

For the second time this fall I was invited by J.P.Morgan to give a keynote about the Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation.  This time,  I spoke at J.P.Morgan’s 2nd Annual “Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in Asia” which took place Nov 17-18, 2014 in Hong Kong.

A noteworthy point to make is that this was a technology conference. Other speakers included:

Electric Vehicles (and Self-Driving Cars) are essentially computer tablets on wheels.

J.P.Morgan TMT Conference in Asia

Hong Kong, J.P.Morgan TMT Conference in Asia

Once you start thinking about the disruption of transportation as a technology disruption then it makes sense that technology investors, tech companies, and entrepreneurs would be interested in learning about the Clean Disruption.

Petroleum will be made obsolete by information and communication technologies just as film was made obsolete by ICT. Would a 30% or 40% cut in the price of film have prevented the disruption of the film camera industry? Not at all.

Investors are catching on to the Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation.


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