Korea’s TV Chosun: the Clean Disruption and the next industrial revolution

I am featured in TV Chosun’s program about the next industrial revolution.

The show, which  aired last night in Korea focuses on Google’s Glass and its self-driving car. The interview took place in late April, so I previewed some of the findings and conclusions of the “Clean Disruption”.  For instance,when they asked me what my message to auto companies Kia and Hyundai would be, I said that the auto industry was going to be disrupted first by the electric vehicle and then by the autonomous (self-driving) car.

Furthermore, the auto industry is going to shrink massively as self-driving cars become ubiquitous. At that point the manufacturing capacity of two of the existing car companies might suffice to produce all the cars in the world. That’s a massive disruption!

The crew came to Silicon Valley in April, interviewed me and  filmed my class at Stanford.  I understand that this is the first of a 5-part series.  I can’t wait for the next four segments.

Enjoy the whole show! Or, if you just want to watch my appearances, go to the segments starting around minutes  1:00, 26:25, 34:46, 37:00, and 42:41.

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