My upcoming keynote on the Disruption of Public and Private Transportation

BYD Electric Bus – Stanford Caltrain shuttle
Copyright Tony Seba (@tonyseba)

Public and private transportation will undergo a transformation over the next fifteen years that will be larger in scope than it has in a century. The tools of the industrial revolution have run out of steam and will be rapidly replaced by the tools of the information technology revolution. History tells us that the cities that lead technology disruptions are wealthier than the ones that don’t.

It’s good to see that California is again on the forefront of this disruption. I’m getting ready to give a keynote to the California League of Cities Planning Commissioners on Friday, March 28th. The title of my talk is “The Future of Transportation: Technology Mega-Trends that will soon disrupt Public and Private Transportation”.

The most visible on-the-ground manifestations of the disruption of transportation will be the electric vehicle and the self-driving car. They will bring the era of the internal combustion engine automobile and the age of oil to a screeching halt. I have written about these technologies in my upcoming book “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation” which I expect to publish by the end of April.

But technologies on wheels are not the only innovations that I will be talking about. The combination of mobile Internet and cloud technologies is already disrupting the taxi business. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and nano-satellites will change traffic management. Cars are becoming connected and with ever-cheaper and smarter sensors they are joining the Internet of Things. The huge amounts of data that vehicles generate will help create new industries and disrupt existing ones such as the car insurance business.

The clean disruption of energy and transportation is already happening. Stay tuned for more.