Strategy in the Age of Disruption

“It was a truly terrific presentation – one of the best I have ever seen. It was educational as well as inspirational – and great at both. “
– Katherine Park, Entrepreneurship Services, Keiretsu Forum

Technology Megatrends and Keys to Understanding, Anticipating and Leading Market Disruption.

This is the age of Permanent Disruption where every business in every industry now faces constant existential threats. The combination of exponentially improving technologies, rapidbusiness model innovation, and instant access to global investors are enabling disruptors tocreate new markets and destroy trillions of dollars of incumbent revenues at an ever-faster pace.Trillion dollar industries on the cusp of major disruption include telecoms, energy,transportation, manufacturing, retail, finance, apparel, health care, real estate, construction and education. Traditional strategy is obsolete and choosing to wait until these technologies are fully developed is choosing to be disrupted.

How can you anticipate and lead market disruption rather than be surprised when it is too late for your company or industry to react? How can you become the disruptor rather than disrupted?Tony Seba will present examples of exponential technologies such as robotics, 3D printing,sensors, the internet of things, machine learning, big data, electricity storage, autonomous vehicles, solar, electric vehicles, cloud computing, e-money, and others, and show incisive new business models and product architectures that may soon disrupt your business.