Keynote Speaker

Tony Seba is an inspirational, engaging, and expert speaker on Market Disruption, Entrepreneurship and the Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation.


“Tony Seba fills the room with passion, energy, and knowledge, and turns skeptics into advocates. We’d invite him back in a heartbeat.”

— Margot Heiligman, Director, Business Influencers, SAP

Tony Seba is the author of “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation”, “Solar Trillions” and “Winners Take All”, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and an instructor in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program. His work focuses on industry and market disruptions: the exponential technology trends, business model innovations, and product architecture innovations that are leading to the disruption of the world’s major industries, including energy, transportation, infrastructure, finance, and manufacturing.

Keynote Speaking Topics

Strategy in the Age of Disruption

Why do smart managers at smart companies fail to anticipate, let alone lead, market disruptions? We are on the cusp of the largest disruption of industry and society since the first industrial revolution. Every business in every industry will be a target for disruption over the next five to fifteen years. As the pace of market disruption accelerates, entrepreneurs and managers alike want to understand, anticipate and lead the disruption waves. What are the key exponential technology megatrends that are about to disrupt your business? Why is business model innovation as important as technology innovation? How can you become the disruptor instead of disrupted?

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Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation

The $8 trillion conventional energy industry is on the cusp of disruption. A combination of exponentially improving technologies including solar, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, sensors and electricity storage; business model innovations such as solar- and storage-as-a-service; and fast-growing distributed and mobile generation that is flipping of the architecture of energy, will make Electric Utilities, Oil, Nuclear, Natural Gas, and Coal obsolete over the next few years…

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Clean Disruption of Public and Private Transportation

We are on the cusp of the most radical transformation in public and private transportation in a century. Exponentially improving technologies such as Electric Vehicles, Autonomous (self-driving) Cars, Sensors, and Mobile Internet are turning the industrial-era transportation industry upside down and making the whole public and private transportation infrastructure obsolete. The Clean Disruption shows that by 2030 all vehicles will be electric and autonomous (or semi-autonomous), 80% of parking space will be obsolete….

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Parking to Parks – Cities and the Self-driving Disruption

Cities have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redefine urban space on a grand scale and become wealthier, more sustainable and more vibrant.

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