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Anticipating and Leading Market Disruptions in New Zealand

After my trip to Korea, I came back to New Zealand to teach my 2-day “Anticipating and Leading Market Disruption” workshop, talk to policy-makers and attend a board meeting. Here’s a quick rundown:

1. Callaghan Innovation – “Anticipating and Leading Market Disruption” in Auckland

Back in September (2014) Callaghan Innovation brought me to New Zealand to teach a 1-day

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workshop titled Anticipating and Leading Market Disruption”. (Here’s the Sept seminar flyer.) The overwhelming feedback was: ‘we want more’. So this time I came back to Auckland to teach a full 2-day workshop. Here’s the flyer: Anticipating Leading Market Disruption Workshop Auckland 2-day Agenda Nov2014.

The difference between the 1-day workshop and the 2-day workshop is that the second day is mostly hands-on. In addition to the topics covered during the first day, I talk about the “Open Disruption” and participants get to build two separate businesses using the frameworks and tools that I tech in the workshop. The first business is based on ideas, technologies, or products that they were working on prior to coming to this course. Then they get to build a business from scratch using only open disruption tools and technologies.

This workshop is the 2-day version of the course by the same name I teach at Stanford University. This time we held the workshop Nov 25-26, 2014, at Oram’s Marina in Auckland.

2. Callaghan Innovation – “Anticipating and Leading Market Disruption” keynote and conversation in Wellington

I flew to Wellington, New Zealand, to talk about “Anticipating and Leading Market Disruption” to policy makers at the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment on Thursday, Nov 27.

My presentation was similar to this “Anticipating and Leading Market Disruption” keynote expanded to touch on technologies like Synthetic Biology and Bioprinting. The next 10-15 years will be the most disruptive time in history. Dairy and meat products are by far New Zealand’s main export industries and it was important for me to show how synthetic biology and bioprinting could disrupt a third of the country’s export in the foreseeable future.

3. CloudM – “Anticipating and Leading Market Disruption” keynote and conversation in Wellington

I went back to Auckland to spend quality time with CloudM.  We had a board meeting in addition to strategy sessions, year-end review, and planning for 2015.

4. RadioLive  Interview

Andrew Patterson interviewed me for a RadioLive piece on disruption and entrepreneurship in the New Zealand context. What does the ‘Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation’ mean for NZ? How might new technologies disrupt the milk industry? Is NZ prepared for the coming disruptions?  Here’s the RadioLive audio of the interview.

I’m looking forward to going back to New Zealand in 2015!