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#3 on Amazon's
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“Tony Seba's Clean Disruption is the best book
I have seen about the future of energy and
transportation. I have given away a hundred
copies of this book to people I like.”

- Alex Lightman, entrepreneur and author,
Brave New Unwired World”

"Clean Disruption has already influenced our
corporate investment strategy.”

- Mike Calise, Director Electric Vehicles,
Schneider Electric

Meet Tony Seba

Tony Seba is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford University, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author of “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation”, “Solar Trillions” and “Winners Take All”. His work focuses on clean energy, entrepreneurship, market disruption, and the exponential technology trends and business model innovations that are leading to the disruption of the world’s major industries, such as energy, transportation, infrastructure, finance, and manufacturing.

Latest News

Electric Bus Stanford University

My upcoming keynote on the Disruption of Public and Private Transportation

Public and private transportation will undergo a transformation over the next fifteen years that will be larger in scope than it has in a century. The tools of the industrial revolution have run out of steam and will be rapidly replaced by the tools of the information technology revolution. I’m getting ready to give a keynote to the California League of Cities Planning Commissioners on Friday, March 28th. The title of my talk is “The Future of Transportation: Technology Mega-Trends that will soon disrupt Public and Private Transportation”.
Electric Bus Stanford University

Disrupting Energy & Transportation - Why Business Model Innovation Matters

A business model innovation disrupted the auto industry in the early 20th century and a business model innovation is disrupting the energy market in the 21st century. Technology innovation is clearly important. Making the right Strategic Choices (whole product, positioning, product/market fit, etc) is clearly important. But Business Model innovation may be the key that unlocks a new market or disrupts an existing market.