“Solar Trillions” Opportunities in the Emerging Clean Energy Economy & “Winners Take All” – Building a High Tech Winner

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Keynote Speaker

Inspirational & Expert speaker on Disruption, Clean Energy, Clean Cities, Future of Energy, Entrepreneurship…

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Stanford MasterCourses

Want to take Tony Seba’s Stanford market disruption, entrepreneurship, go-to-market strategy, and finance courses in-company? Join Google, Cisco and …

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Rethinking our Cities, Clean Energy and Clean Transportation, Electricity 2.0, the Future of Energy, Videos: Google Talk – Building a Tech Winner…

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Management Consulting

Tony Seba is a C-level executive and strategy consultant who helps take companies to the next level: go-market strategy (and execution), product strategy, corporate and finance strategy and business development for cleantech and high-tech companies…

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Ideas, analysis & insights on entrepreneurship and the clean energy economy. Solar, Nuclear, Electric Vehicles, Electricity 2.0, Energy & Water Nexus, Smart Grid, Energy Storage, more…

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